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J1 Work & Travel with Jobs

Programme Code: Prog 55

Price: € 50.00 Reg €749

Country: USA

Duration: 4 Months

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Make A Change With J1 Visa And Jobs Program USA

Pack your stuff and take off to the country where everything is possible!

Travel bug is here to help you! We have been successfully placing students into summer jobs in America for a number of years.

J1 Visa work and travel program offers qualified students the opportunity to take paid work in the USA for a period of up to four months during their university summer break. Travel bug will help arrange your J1 Visa and secure a job based on your experience, so that you can travel to the USA for a great summer experience.

J1 jobs are very flexible, students can work anywhere in the US in almost any type of job, and will have the benefit of a program sponsor to help assure both, an enriching and exciting summer in the USA. Travel Bug can place students travelling together, depending on the availability of jobs and all our employers will arrange accommodation for you in advance of your arrival.

The J1 visa requires all participants to gain employment while in the USA, allowing us to find a position for you before you leave will eliminate any worry or stress when you get to the US and ensure you comply with the sponsor’s requirements.

This is a great option for going to USA where you have a job organized before you go!

Why Should You Apply For This Program?

  • There is a real job allocated for you, no jobs hunting when you arrive and no uncertainty

  • Low prices: at just €749 for your Job offer, DS2019, Insurance for the duration of your DS2019, SEVIS and much more

  • Excellent opportunity for students to visit America

  • The experience of independent life, a new confidence in yourself and your abilities.


(094) 9048375


OR SKYPE US AT travelbuglimit

Email us

We can also arrange an appointment if you would like to visit us at our office in Castlebar.


The Facts about Work and Travel in the USA

Summer Jobs For Students In America

Price: €799


Duration: The Maximum stay is for 4 months during your University Summer Break.


  • Aged at least 18 at time of application and you cannot be older than 30.

  • You need to be a current full time student who is studying a course that will ultimately lead to a degree or higher.

  • Be a final year student who can prove that you are returning to Ireland at end of stay.

  • You must be studying in either Ireland or Northern Ireland. Alternatively you may also be an Irish or Northern Irish Student studying in the UK.

US embassy reserves the right to refuse a visa and cancellation fees will apply!

What Is Included In The Price?

  • Pre-organized jobs

  • Insurance for programme dates on DS2019.


  • DS 2019

Job Fields

Travel Bug Limited will find a job for you at a qualified employer in the United States. Typical jobs include:

  • Fast food team positions

  • Waiters and waitresses

  • General maintenance Housekeepers

  • Ride operators at theme parks

  • Cashiers and store clerks

  • Beach resort positions

All of our employers arrange housing for students. Before you leave your home country, you will know your general type of job, your wages, and the cost of housing!


Remember to check your passport because you need this to apply for the J1 visa! It needs to be valid for at least 6 months following your return date from the USA. Include a copy of your Passport identification with your application form.

The longer you can stay in the USA the easier it is to match you with a job.

Our Commitment To You

We allocate you to available jobs and send you a PDF of the job offer.

This needs to be sent back with full payment to hold the job.

Travel Bug J1 Visa Program includes:

  • Job offer before you go

  • Processing of all legal documentation including the DS2019 (You need to DS2019 to attend your embassy interview).

  • Pre-departure orientation

  • Insurance (Accident & Medical) for duration of DS2019

  • SEVIS Fee

  • Social Security number

  • Tax back advice option at end of your stay

  • Advice and assistance on completing paperwork for the US Embassy interview.

Travel Bug Provides You:

  • Help with housing.

  • Comprehensive accident and health insurance coverage in accordance with US government requirements.

  • The sponsor letter needed to obtain a Social Security number, this ensures that students are eligible for work and may receive legal payment by their employer under the same conditions as any legal US resident.

  • Ongoing supervision and support to participants on the program.


The end validity date is changed in September 15 (as opposed to September 30). This is to fall in line with college term dates in Ireland. The J-1 summer work & travel program is for four months. The start date is May 16. All documents have to be submitted One month before starting date.

Your Commitment To Us

Complete application form

Apply Now


Carefully complete all of the information as this will be used for your DS2019. For further details: What’s a DS2019?

As a participant of the program you must agree to:

  1. Adhere to the application process and submit all requested documents.

  2. Obey all U.S. laws and other official agency requirements

  3. Leave the U.S. at the end of your program and return home.

  4. Arrive prior to the date your employer expects you to begin your employment. You may arrive up to two weeks prior to the starting date on your DS-2019.

  5. Report to the employer listed in your DS-2019 Form. This is the only employer with whom you are authorized to work (other than second jobs). Students who do not report to their employer risk been removed from the program.

  6. Complete pre-arrival and post-arrival orientations.

  7. Work the entire period as stated on the employment confirmation form.

  8. Carry out the duties assigned to you to the best of your ability.

  9. Comply with all of your company's rules including dress code.

  10. Understand that the employment is temporary and can only be extended to a maximum of a four-month work period. This is from the start date on your form DS-2019 and not from the date of your arrival into the U.S.

The Application procedure step by step

Application Form

When completed, we’ll send you a PDF version of Application and require you to sign it and send it back. Please enclose a photocopy of your passport (passport should be valid 6 month after your arrival as min).

Student Status Certification

You will be asked to provide certification that you are a current College Student. You will get a form which must be filled and verified by your college. You must be a full time 3rd level student .


There are plenty of documents necessary. For instance, signed terms and conditions of the program, evidence of sufficient funds (this can be completed by your parents), accident and health insurance, one passport photo and a valid passport copy (valid 6 month after your arrival as min) and more. You will be asked to hand them in. If you are looking for pre-arranged jobs you will need to sign the job offer form as soon as possible to ensure your job is held.

Interview/Informational Call

We’ll call you to check your English level (in case of non English speaker) and to ensure that you understand the Visa rules and regulations.


Once you receive your DS2019 from us check all the info and if it is correct you can set up an embassy interview to get your visa. Don’t arrange the embassy interview without DS2019! To get a visa can take some time, so bear that in mind. The US also has the right not to issue the visa at all. We will provide you with further advice during the process.

Send us your flight schedule (your exact travel times, expected arrival time, and final method of travel to your employer) when you book it. Remember it is better to book flights after your embassy interview. If you book your flights before your interview, you will need to inform the embassy about your flight details and any possible changes thereafter.

You can use the link below to find cheap flights:



Send us your flight schedule (your exact travel times, expected arrival time, and final method of travel to your employer) when you book it. Remember it is better to book flights after your embassy interview. If you book your flights before your interview, you will need to inform the embassy about your flight details and any possible changes thereafter.

You will get pre-departure orientation on Skype/phone.

Please take into account that this is very brief summary of the procedure for applying for a J1.

Payment Commitment

Please send completed document with €50 deposit.

If you want to speed up process of receiving DS2019 for embassy interview then send full payment of €799.

“I went to the United States with a Work and Travel program provided by Travel Bug Limited, it was an amazing experience that I recommend to anybody! It improves my confidence!”

”I got to meet new people, experiencing a different culture and way of life and new culture and becoming more independent, as well as becoming closer to the people I went with!”

”Travel Bug Limited staff and its sponsor as always have been very helpful, patient and understanding. More over,  it is cheaper than other companies and allow us to book our own flights. Thank you Travel Bug for this wonderful experience!“

Emma Mc Gann, Irish

"Travel Bug were really helpful in every stage of the visa process. They responded immediately whenever I had a query and prepared me very well for my move to the States."

Ann-Marie, Irish

Previously I travelled on a J1 Visa to the USA and I went with USIT. I was satisfied but the prices were very high and the procedure was long and drawn out. This summer I got an internship position but at very late notice. I contacted USIT, SAYIT and GoForLess, but they all informed I could not leave before the 15th of June. One in particular informed me “stop wasting your time, the earliest you can fly is June 15th, period”. Then my lecturer at UCD got me the number of Caroline at Travel Bug Limited. I cannot speak highly enough of the work that Caroline did for me and she made everything seem so easy and straightforward.  Caroline informed me that her company could secure a J1 Visa a lot quicker than the given date of June 15th.  Caroline was true to her word and I received my J1 Visa on June 1st and flew to Chicago on June 3rd.  Without Caroline’s help and determination, I would be stuck in Ireland right now - unemployed.  The country needs more positive and optimistic people like Caroline and her staff at Travel Bug.  Not alone are Travel Bug quicker, they were also considerably cheaper and offered a far superior customer service where I actually felt valued.

”I cannot speak highly enough of this company and would highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking about going to the U.S. on a J1 Visa.  For a cheaper and faster Visa log onto”

Paul McEvoy


"I really wanted to go to USA but was not sure if I could afford it. It can be really hard to get the exact price from some of the agents. Like J1 for €99 and you end up paying €1200. With Travel Bug they were really helpful and truthful. It worked out a great deal. I was lucky I had a job but Travel Bug could also get you a job before you go if you wanted. I got good help in USA and definitely would recommend Travel Bug Limited and the USA".

Erin Cameron

"My name is Shaun Gavaghan. I’m a final year student in Sligo IT. I used Travel Bug Limited as they were nearby and really helpful. They explained the procedure really well and even helped me with my online application for the embassy. The price was really good and they also have a great graduate visa called IWT which I hope to get when I graduate so I can go to USA for a year then. I would definitely recommend them on professionalism and value".

Shaun Gavaghan

"Caroline in Cara international sorted me out on J1 Camp counselor program. Last summer went to a camp in New York and this summer went to Cape Cod, Boston. Brilliant experience and would recommend it. Caroline will help you out all of the paper work and place you with camp or job before you go if you want that".

Jason Moran

"A group of my friends hear about Travel bug limited and were really impressed. They received an email with application within an hour of registering. The process was relatively easy and Travel Bug Limited helped us with an orientation so we could understand the program completely. The staff where very friendly and there to assist us at all time. The price was really good too comparing to other providers. Definite could recommend Travel bug ltd and will be back to use them in the future".

Mary Daly

"I heard from Travel Bug Limited when they had a stand on the career fair at GMIT in Castlebar. It worked in my advantage because the company was local and in addition, the price was very good. They were very helpful and there was always a possibility to stop by and ask questions".

Kenneth Jordan


This programme requires the following forms to be completed along with your submission. Please refer to the "Your Commitments" tab above for instructions on completing the forms.